How to Remove a Vomit Stain from Carpet

How to Remove a Vomit Stain

How to Remove a Vomit Stain

Vomit Stain and poops are those messes that are not only tough to clean but quite queasy too and this is why acting patiently matters big time. Whether it is a baby vomit or an elderly discomfort due to a health issue, cleaning promises to take a lot of time and that too if one uses the correct approach. If you have a carpet and the vomit has been accidentally done on it, be prepared, you will have to shell out some good bucks from the pocket calling in professional carpet cleaners. Do not make the mistake of doing any DIYs on your own using baking powder or vinegar; these tend to further ruin the condition of the carpet by making the stain strong.

Method 1: Cover Your Nose & Mouth- Pick & Throw The Spill In A Trash Bag

Whether in a mood to call in the vomit stain removal agency immediately or after some time, this is the basic step that you should do on your own. Wear gloves and pick the spill and without any wait throw it in the trash bin further discarding the same. the quicker you act, the lesser will be the chances of vomit leaving behind any hard stains on the carpet and those regular stain removal services would suffice.

Method 2: Let The Vomit Dry & Then Pick Up The Spill

This method would work well if it is a dog spill that has gone unnoticed or a kid’s vomit that you feel can be cleaned later as on that situation handling the kid holds more importance. You can let the vomit dry but ensure that while picking the spill you do not cause any abrasion, lift all that you can and leave the rest to the carpet cleaners.

Few Ideas That Would Do Even More Harm – Vomit Stain

Now that you have decided to clean the vomit, please do not fall any and every piece of advice available on the internet. Do not wet or even dampen the stain as this would make it tough for the stain removal cleaners to remove the spot. Also, do not use any bleaching agent such as baking soda or vinegar or even hydrogen peroxide as this will harm the fabric of the carpet.

Accidents are bound to happen, act smartly and not in that hyper state of mind, carpet cleaners know how to deal with those vomit marks the best way, calling them stands advisable.

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