How to Clean a Fabric Couch

Clean a Fabric Couch

A couch is a comfortable place to rest in coziness. Even though it is upholstered furniture, it is used for multiple purposes, like lying and watching television, having snacks (sometimes meals also), meeting people from outside, and so on. Therefore, the couch has to absorb a lot of things into its body like body oil, body odour, food odour, spilled spices from foods, other kinds of dirt, etc. But it is not so easy to clean a fabric couch for its delicate, subtle, and fine textures and works. Taking careful action from the beginning can keep the beauty of your couch intact for a long time.

Learn about the codes of maintaining a fabric couch

There are some codes to deal with while purchasing and using upholstery furniture, like fabric couch. It would help you to take maintenance actions during using the furniture. The meanings of the codes are-

  • W- Water can be used for cleaning purposes
  • WS- Use dry cleaning or a mild detergent with steam vacuum cleaning
  • X- Vacuum only cleaning, water should be avoided totally
  • S- Use dry clean detergent only

The cleaning procedure

The baking soda is a highly useful thing in the matter of cleaning. Therefore, it can be relied on for the couch cleaning purposes as well. But still to be on the safer side, first, use the baking soda in an unnoticeable corner of the couch. Now, follow the following procedure-

First of all, brush away the dirt and other wastes from the surface and the corner of the couch.

Then spread the baking soda all over it and keep for 20-30 minutes to let it embed in the fabrics.

After that, use the vacuum clear with its brush apparatus to move away from the baking soda

and get the couch clean. At this stage, it is also worthy to add a carpet cleaner along with the baking soda. This procedure happens to clean even the deeply embedded dirt from the couch. Make sure that the baking soda is removed totally from the couch

If still there are grim stains, you can use the following solution-

  • Take ¾ cup of warm water
  • ¼ cup vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of dishwashing soap

Mix all of them in a bottle and use the solution to clean the stained area of the couch. Still, if you find it difficult to clean, you can also hire a steam cleaner to clean the deeply embedded stains properly.

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