5 Advanced Method of Carpet Cleaning In Melbourne

5 Advanced Method of Carpet Cleaning In Melbourne

Carpet cleaning has evolved big time in the past years, now the clients want that dirt to be removed & the lost beauty to be restored. Following the clients’ such requisites, the carpet cleaning agencies have worked our real hard to come out with the most advanced method of carpet cleaning that stands effective & pocket friendly.

An important fact that we would like to state here is that although the efforts are in place to come out with effective carpet cleaning techniques, the agencies also ensure that the one they choose stands safe.

Keeping this in mind, the carpet cleaners across Melbourne have started using 100% safe cleaning solutions that kill germs remove stains but do not leave behind any harsh residue or odor.

Methods Which Are Effective To Get The Carpet Clean

Coming back to advanced method of carpet cleaning, the ones that are currently doing rounds in the niche in Melbourne & nearby areas are:

  • Steam Cleaning: Touted as the most advanced method of carpet cleaning, steam cleaning removes germs, stains, odors and underlying bacteria and other allergens too. Carpet cleaners use this technique where there is a need for extensive dirt removal that goes layers deep without causing any harm to the fabric.
  • Shampooing: This technique of shampooing is used on carpets that require mild cleaning & only that soil on the surface needs to be removed. When it is all about appearance, this is the process that delivers great results.
  • Encapsulation: This no-water carpet cleaning stands ideal for commercial premises, areas where there are not enough water supplies or when one is looking for quick results.
  • Bonnet Cleaning: This technique is not used too much these days since steam cleaning made its arrival and the basic reason behind this is that it was found that bonnet cleaning was harsh on the fabrics causing harm to the weaving of the carpet as high power machinery was used to clean the carpet.
  • Extraction Technique:¬†When it comes to cleaning dirty carpets that have been asking for some attention for a long, extraction technique promises brilliant results. This method, combined with other techniques, serves the purpose of getting that new carpet.

Now that the techniques are known, we are sure people will not hesitate in calling a professional carpet cleaner for help.


Unique Carpet Cleaning stands synonym to advanced and effective carpet cleaning in Melbourne. With state-of-the-art machinery & a trained team of technicians, the carpet cleaning services offered stand incomparable to others in the niche.

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